Earning backlinks instead of building them

Earning backlinks is an expression a lot of white hat SEO’s like to use to describe an emphasis on quality and content and not on traditional techniques such as link building.

The reasoning behind “earning links” is that your great content will go viral, meaning users will begin to share it themselves. In an age of social media, internet and forums, that is not a bad bet. If you want an example, check this Squidoo site i run. I have done one pin on Pinterest. When i checked back a few months later the site had 200 pins and now it has even more. It is going viral all by itself, which is saving me time promoting it. Not bad at all huh?

I would not call earning links alone a good strategy, you need to include a balanced portfolio of links, promotion and optimization to achieve the optimal result. But building links alone, can be tiresome. Why not let other people do it for you?

See the video below for further info!


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