How to SEO a website: the client perspective

Search engine rankings that are called organic rankings and are influenced by SEO.
Search engine optimization should be followed in a structured fashion. It is not an area that is forgiving and if done wrong, a Google penalty or deindex of a site may occur.

So what would the basic steps of a SEO campaign contain and how to SEO a website?


1. The first thing we should note is what our aim is. What is the content we are promoting? Who are our buyers?


2. The second consideration should be on our budget. SEO if done by yourself can be a time consuming matter, that is why many companies or individuals outsource it. But those companies will require a budget frame to shape the tools, time and other resources available to your cause. The more you invest, the more you should get out of it. One thing many managers should note is that anyone who claims he can guarantee a #1 position on the Google search should be looked at with suspicion. Although i myself can be relatively sure a niche site will rank well, i can only guarantee an improvement in the search positions to anyone without much doubt.


3. After selecting the budget and knowing our buyer (meaning we know who we are selling to), we can start to shape our SEO campaign. The first thing to note would be the choice between a sustainable campaign that will keep its investment, but take time or a campaign what will eventually end and the site will be penalized, but the results will be quick. What i am referring here is the difference between a black hat or a white hat SEO campaign.

Again, i must stress that black hat techniques are a get rich quick scheme and can cause a Google penalty. Use with caution and make sure you make a lot of money doing it, since it will probably not last.


4. We should equip our site with statistical tools. These are free and provided by Google, merged into a tool called Google Adwords. This provides you with the code you insert into your account (Google analytics).

This tool is a haven for anyone dealing with SEO and should be used by the client as a way of supervising your SEO contractor or by the SEO themselves for tracking traffic and other meaningful statistics.


5. Make sure you keep an eye on reports from your SEO contractor. Monthly reports should be looked at carefully to determine the advance in ranking positions, meaningful traffic and increased revenue due to SEO activities.



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