How to SEO a website: the SEO specialist checklist

Doing SEO can be a wonderful job. I know i enjoy it. But at the same time you need to know your boundaries. An SEO specialist is a multiplicator of what already exists. As such it is a jack of all trades profession of the internet marketing field.

The skills you need to SEO a website are:


– HTML, CSS for basic link building
– Google analytics, keyword research
– Knowledge of on site optimization concepts
– Knowledge of off site optimization concepts
– Understanding what are the ranking factors for a specific search engine and how they work
– Additional knowledge and methods of drawing in traffic
Google webmaster guidelines



How to optimize a website for a client?

There are quite a few things you need to do in order to have a happy client that will keep you on board and benefit from your work. Remember that your work will pay you. If you fail in your SEO work you will cause damage to the client and your future dealings with him and the entire SEO community in your area!

So what are the steps needed to make a successful campaign?

1. Know your clients wishes, consult on the techniques you are allowed to employ, what are your goals, who are the clients buyers

2. Set up Google analytics

3.  Consult the page designer or gain access to the page code and edit the appropriate on site optimization features such as keyword density, headings, titles, remove errors, broken links etc.

4. Design a strategy for increasing traffic to your site. This may involve but is not limited to link building, promotion, building email lists etc.

5. Compile a report on your results and compare it to your goals. Try to report on your progress monthly.

See the link below for a quick SEO methodology training course.

Try this training course if you need quality SEO information


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