What is a no follow link?

Nofollow is an attribute of the anchor text HTML tag. As an SEO or someone with web design knowledge you probably know this tag as common way to create links to and from your website.

The nofollow attribute was implemented to limit the wild and absurd spamming of links on forums, blogs, wikipedias and other sites. You can still find an optimistic SEO spamming links around on high PR blogs and websites in hope of raising his websites Pagerank.

Okay so i understand the background, but what is a no follow link?

Well, the nofollow attribute has the following characteristics:

  1. the search engine spiders should not follow this link to its destination (this is a debatable issue, since they do)
  2. the link does not pass Pagerank to the site the link is pointed at

Why is nofollow important for SEO?

Nofollow links do not pass link juice, or Page rank from site to site. That means that simple link spamming will not help much with your position on search engine results (SERPs).

Nofollow attribute is also great at limiting any leaking of Pagerank from your site. Think of every link on your site as a hole in a plastic bottle. The more holes the bottle has, the faster it loses Pagerank (well not faster, but the site authority is diluted).

So as an SEO you can influence your onsite optimization by adding a nofollow attribute to your outbound links. Keep only those links dofollow that you want to pass link juice to.

How do i implement a nofollow attribute to a link?

Add a rel=”nofollow” to your links.


<a href=”hankypanky.com” rel=”nofollow”>The hanky panky website</a>


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