What is natural link building?


Image by vinceconnare

Funnily enough, we use natural link building and organic results in search engine terminology. But it has nothing to do with nature in the sense that you would be wearing a leaf on your crotch and built links.

Then what is natural link building?

Natural link building is link building that attempts to imitate a natural development of a link structure by imitating a natural rise of popularity in the SERPs by spacing out linking frequency and amount so it looks natural.

Why would we want to build links naturally?

Well, to start, building links itself is not very white hat, meaning it is not very liked by search engines companies who see it as manipulating their engines. To be frank, they are right. Building links is like building votes for your site and you are making those votes yourself. In a way you are faking the popularity of your page! But hey, everybody’s doing it!

How does natural link building look in practice?

Natural link building looks like this:

  1. You keep the frequency of links consistent. It is important to note the dates when you added the links to make sure you do not add too many too fast.
  2. Keep link amount low at the start. No new site ever gets 200 quality links on its day of coming online.
  3. Keep link quality low at the start. You can not have a PR5 package of sites link to oyu from the start. Looks fishy!

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