How to choose SEO keywords when in a hurry?

When in a rush i often just glance at the keyword search volume and estimate the competition via the intitle:”” method. It is by far not an accurate representation either, but it gets me the basic idea i need when deciding if i want to go for a keyword. If this method shows the keyword is unsuitable, you really do not need to look further into that keyword using any other tools.

Lets look at the most basic way choosing keywords for SEO:

The easiest way to estimate keyword value involves two tools, both free. One is a search engine, the other the free Adwords keyword tool provided by Google.

Follow these two easy steps to see if a keyword is worth looking into:

  1. Use Adwords keyword tool to estimate the search volume of your keyword. Use the exact match option and statistic for the baseline. If there are no exact matches for that keyword, people are not using that keyword to find things online.
  2. Use the intitle:”YOUR KEYWORD” in your browser search to find out how many sites have the same title as your keyword. Although a title is not by far the most important optimization indicator, pages with a title containing your keyword are the ones you need to be taking seriously.

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