Building keywords

Building keywords has been a concept used by many SEOs, me included. Since i prefer to find some traffic and just roll with it, instead of doing keyword research for days, i have found that this well established method will help me get more traffic. If you are an experienced SEO, you might want to skip this post.

So after finding a phrase with decent search volume i do the following research:

Lets say we want to optimize for a keyword like “eco butter”. Let us assume it has 25.000 searches per month and a hefty competition that battles for control over eco butter.

Now i know winning this battle will be hard and will take its time. So how can i get faster results? By optimizing for multiple keywords within one keyword!
By making a longer keyword (called a longtail keyword due to its length) we target a niche. By that we accomplish multiple goals:

  1. Faster results- smaller traffic, but better than none
  2. Passive promotion gained from traffic
  3. Some revenue due to traffic
  4. More traffic at the end of optimization of our main keyword (in our case eco butter)

How do i make a longtail keyword?

A common practice is to check the most well known keyword prefixes and suffixes:


Cool, best, cheap, easy, top


For sale, to buy, review

Lets continue our example…

Lets say we know that the longtail keyword cheap eco butter has 1000 monthly searches and low competition. We also know that the longtail keyword eco butter to buy has  2000 monthly searches and no competition.

By merging the main keyword with our prefix and our suffix we gain a long tail keyword like this:

Cheap eco butter to buy

This new keyword might or may not have its own search volume, if it does even better, if not, this keyword, although with no monthly searches is a dangerous opponent to the simple Eco butter used before.

Building keywords complete! Now what?

Well, once you have your onsite optimization completed, try to chase the longtails by optimizing them for the SERPS. Cheap eco butter, eco butter to buy and cheap eco butter to buy should be the focus of your promotion. All these optimizations also optimize and bring value to your main keyword, which at your age 99 will finally reach #1 on Google. Then you can pass that on to your grandchildren, which love gifts from their SEO grandpa!




One thought on “Building keywords

  1. Good Stuff you have here, I will look for more post!
    Seems when I write naturally on my post they rank better then when I try to optimize them. Pretty strange.
    I am…TheHomeBizMuddler

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