Role of an SEO specialist

A SEO can take on many roles.

Experienced SEO specialists tend to outsource almost everything but the process and their methodology. From content writing, keyword research and content production, everything is made so the SEO officer can serve it up to the web in a way the web will accept. In small companies, the SEO will most likely be the leader of the team and will have limited knowledge of all the fields his coworkers are involved with. That is a result of how a SEO officer begins his career.

Beginner SEO specialists tend to be jacks of all trade. Writing content, producing content, websites, doing onsite and offsite SEO. They excel in no area but are improving their skills and once they feel up to it they will outsource much of their current work to focus on optimization. You can’t be great at everything can you?

SEO specialists in large companies are usually consultants to web designers, administrators. They take on an educative role and teach onsite optimization, as well as try to guide the administrators and designers up the white hat route. They may do offsite SEO or marketing.

SEO educators?

Many people decide to teach. I do not think that people who teach actually like the field they are experts at and prefer to mingle with people instead.

The other type is a teacher SEO. I think anyone who talks about something instead of doing it is doing something wrong…Those that can, do, those that can’t, teach.

Wait a minute…i am writing instead of working on my site…does that mean i…i have to go work, kthxbye, cya later!


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