Welcome to Just another SEO blog.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My name is Mark and this blog is dedicated to discussion on search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

But how did you end up here? Was it pure luck or were you manipulated in some way to this site?

If you are a conspiracy theory buff this might just be up your alley!

The truth is, you probably came to this site for two reasons:

  1. The site is up and you found it on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.
  2. You were reffered in some way through social media, a forum or friend

But now that you are here, let me try to sell you things!
Would you like to buy a rubber duck or a push reel lawn mower?

Probably not. You came here because you wanted to learn about search engine marketing, SEO or any other marketing method.

Maybe selling you a course on SEM would work better? Probably it would, since you are on a site that is about SEO! You are therefore targeted traffic! Do not feel bad or scared, the SEM course i am linking to is actually of great value.


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