What is the Future of SEO?

Search engine algorithms change all the time. Almost every day an update is made, now in real time! Many tactics used by SEO specialists in the past, such as spamming links, keyword stuffing, link wheeling, anchor text overoptimization have not only been abolished but also punished. Websites using them were penalized heavily either by dropping in the SERPs (search engine ranking positions) or being removed altogether. I must say i do not feel too bad about it since the owners of these sites or their SEO managers knew very well they were manipulating the search algorithms heavily and unnaturally.

But due to the goal of most search engines (and if i may quote a Google representative) that is to offer relevant search results, the tactics to achieve visibility on the search engines have changed. Changed and died out. The question some pose is, how long can SEO practices of search engine manipulation exist?

Well i think Matt Cutts explains it very well in the following video:

Now let me say a few words on this topic.

The black hat techniques of SEO are by no means disappearing. They are shifting towards areas they evolve to achieve short term results for quick profits. When caught, they will be penalized, but until then, happy hunting!

Black hat techniques have to evolve all the time and this is a challenge to many black hat specialists. To be honest, i do not think white hat techniques will evolve much in the near future at all.

You decide which techniques to use, but to the question of what is the future of SEO, my answer would be:

– why are you bothering with it at all, use it, learn it!?

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